Beauty Glazed Reversal Planet Palette


  • A vivid mix of velvety-rich textures.
  • Vibrant, Blendable, and Smooth Colors.
  • Soft Creamy Powder that matches the skin.
  • Animal Cruelty-Free.


Beauty Glazed Reversal Planet Palette is a vivid mix of velvety-rich textures and mesmerizing finishes in mattes, satins, shimmers, and metallics. You can create a bright matte and shimmers an eyeshadow look.

So vibrant colors that are blendable and smooth, easy to blend with fingertips and eyeshadow brushes. Long-lasting effects keep your whole look locked in all day long.

HIGH PIGMENTED Supper pigmented and soft creamy powder, match most skin tone to make the makeup look brighter.

Cruelty-free, not test on animals!


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