Beauty Glazed Color Fusion 39 Eyeshadow Palette


  • Long-Lasting Effect.
  • High-quality ingredients with silky shine color can last for all day long.
  • With 39 complementary shades, Inspires you to create your own masterpiece.
  • No dizzy dyed with advanced waterproof and anti-sweat formula.
  • Colour evenly, good ductility, no folds, no floating powder.
  • Multi-color rendering three-dimensional, series of shades of color with the natural transition, a distinct level of stereoscopic.


Beauty Glazed Color Fusion 39 Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty Glazed Color Fusion 39 eyeshadow palette is a multiple color eyeshadow pallet that will take you through every season, providing you with every warm color of eye shadow.

You will ever need It is excellent for party makeup, dating, and wedding makeup or causal makeup, this shimmer /matte eye shadow will make you catch anyone’s eye.

Nanoscale technology, fine powder, easy to wipe evenly, easy to wipe, effective attachment to the eye skin will not halo, general eye shadow powder is large, resulting in ineffective adhesion to the skin of the eye, dizzy and easy to stain the makeup face.




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