Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller

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  • Better than blotting papers: This face roller is made from real lava stone, which absorbs excess oil instantly. It’s our secret to fresh, shine-free skin at any time. Use it on a clean face or with makeup on, it won’t mess it up.
  • Massages and mattifies the face: Rolling the stone roller over your skin feels heavenly, like a mini facial massage. Ditch your jade roller and use our 2-in-1 mattifying face roller for oily and acne-prone skin.
  • Easy to Use: Gently roll the facial roller ball over your T-zone or anywhere skin is shiny. And that’s it.
  • Less waste than blotting paper: Unlike blotting papers for oily skin that you use once and throw away, this oil-absorbent roller is reusable. To clean it, turn the roller ring to unlock and take out the stone. Wash it with a mild cleanser, rinse and air dry before relocking.
  • Live bold with Revlon makeup: Revlon has quality beauty tools and high-pigment, bold color makeup you need to be yourself. Our face, eye and nail tools are everyday essentials enhanced through function, form or material.

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Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller

Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller

Minimise the appearance of excess shine with Revlon’s oil-absorbing stone. Crafted from Volcanic Stone, the roller glides effortlessly across your base, working to absorb the look of oil to encourage a more mattified illusion.

Gentle yet effective, the skin-loving stone avoids the risk of any redness and irritation, while the reusable feature allows you to minimise your impact on the environment.

Treat your complexion to a salon-worthy experience from the comfort of your own home, as the ingenious stone works its magic. Simply clean and get ready to use again!

Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller:  Remove excess oil for a clean complexion anytime, anywhere, at home or on the go. Unlike erase papers that are single use and then thrown away, this oil absorbent roller is reusable and just as easy to wash. The secret is the real volcanic stone, which is incredibly efficient for oily skin.


How to use Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller?

  • Remove the cap, then gently roll the volcanic stone over your T-zone (across your forehead and down your nose), or anywhere you have excess oil.

How to Clean Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller?

  • Twist lock clockwise to open.
  • Wash the lava stone with warm water and mild soap (a face wash is perfect!)
  • Rinse, then air dry overnight.

Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller

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